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Every year, almost 15 lakh children and their families benefit directly from the Fly Foundation NGO in Ahmedabad, an Indian social development organization. In nearly 2,000 isolated villages and urban slums throughout 25 Indian states, we have over 400 live welfare programs in education, healthcare, and livelihood.

Education lays the foundation for a better life. It is the most powerful force for societal transformation. A youngster, on the other hand, can’t be educated in solitude. Only a solid family, especially the mother, will agree to their child’s education. Main Vision of NGO is in a lifelong strategy rather than focusing on just one period of a person’s life.

A person can earn a living while also developing their awareness of a number of issues through education. Our NGO in Ahmedabad aims to educate, empower, and grow better citizens in a variety of areas, including healthcare, good social behavior, and recognizing one’s rights.

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Beginning in the corridors of school with rigorous programs focused on family health, livelihood, and community participation, Vision of NGO has developed a lifetime approach to addressing the needs of less fortunate children, their families, and the greater society.

The Fly Foundation is one of the best NGO in Ahmedabad. We started the distribution of food from Civil Hospital Ahmedabad. We have grown from serving 800 people in the civil hospital.

Vision of NGO is to create a world-class art centre that will provide training and chances for outstanding mentally challenged youngsters in our society to demonstrate their newly acquired abilities in front of a large audience.

We help needy people by distributing food to government schools, hospitals, the blind association, old age homes, and different areas of the city. In addition, we aims to combat hunger and assist socioeconomically underprivileged children's right to school.

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Today, we have more than 100 people in our group. And now we have started the distribution of clothes, pharmaceutical products, education, and food.