Fly Foundation is a food donation Ngo in India

food donation Ngo

Fly Foundation is a food donation NGO that works to enhance access to healthy food in our community while also establishing new distribution routes for underserved communities, with a focus on using school systems to reach those in need.

We run programs for food distribution for poor, in which we provide fresh fruits and vegetables through a mix of food rescue and transportation services, while our direct service programs bring food to kids, the elderly, and others most at danger of hunger.

  • Through more than 95 food distribution for poor projects across India, 47,000 adolescents have been trained through the food donation Ngo and 28,000 have been employed in over 200 brands.
  • During the year, 209 business engagement activities and 159 exposure visits were held across the country.
  • In the first try of the recruiting campaign, 65 percent of the total trained youth were placed in more than 200 reputable brands.
  • Girls made up 61 percent of the total young recipients.

What We Did Last Year

Become Volunter

The Fly Foundation believes that lasting change will not occur until civil society members are actively involved in the development process. Individuals are encouraged and invited to register for volunteer opportunities.