Fly Foundation is a Ngo supporting food and education

17.7 Million

Childeren in india are currently out of school

25 Million

Children are at risk of acute hunger

1 in 4 School

Going children have dropped out of school

Ngo supporting food and education

 The Fly Foundation is an NGO supporting food and education programs countrywide, an educational Ngo in Ahmedabad for children education dedicated to delivering basic education and healthcare to impoverished children. The Fly Foundation, a non-profit Ngo supporting food and education dedicated to improving the education of disadvantaged children.

  Fly Foundation has created Ngo for children’s educational programs at Different Art Centre for the intellectual development of differently abled artists, ensuring their smooth integration into society.

⦁ Through 240 facilities in 23 states, 32,000 children received direct schooling.
⦁ After successfully graduating from Mission Education centres, 87 percent of eligible children were mainstreamed into official schools.
⦁ To provide a fair start for all, girls made up 51 percent of the overall recipients.

What We Did Last Year

Become Volunter

The Fly Foundation believes that lasting change will not occur until civil society members are actively involved in the development process. Individuals are encouraged and invited to register for volunteer opportunities.