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Children are a country’s future. For a developing country like India, the growth of poor children is critical to the country’s progress, and their education is the foundation of that success. However, children’s education cannot be achieved without ensuring the family’s well-being — a child can only attend school on a regular basis if the family, particularly the mother, is healthy and empowered; the family has decent livelihood options and a steady income.

Recognizing this, Fly Foundation has taken a lifecycle approach to addressing the needs of less privileged children, their families, and the larger community, beginning in the corridors of education with intensive programs focused on family health, livelihood, and community engagement.

Ngo supporting food and education


The Fly Foundation is an NGO supporting food and education programs countrywide, an educational Ngo in Ahmedabad for children education dedicated to delivering basic education and healthcare children.
Free Healthcare in India


Healthcare is the prevention, treatment, or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical as well as the maintenance or enhancement of their health. Free health services are given by the health experts.
food donation Ngo


A person's livelihood is described as a set of actions that are necessary for daily life and are carried out throughout one's life. Securing water, food, fodder, medication, shelter, and clothing are examples of such actions.

Become Volunter

The Fly Foundation believes that lasting change will not occur until civil society members are actively involved in the development process. Individuals are encouraged and invited to register for volunteer opportunities.